Tenkara is ridiculously simple, but that doesn’t mean you should feel any shame in not knowing what elements compose a Tenkara rod. Tenkara is new and different to most people in the West and that’s ok!

Here is a brief overview of a general Tenkara rod:

There’s a

  1. Rod
  2. Line
  3. Fly

(Hey! That’s the name of this blog!)

The line of a Tenkara rod can be broken down to the (1) tip-set, (2) the line, and (3) the tippet.


Aerial line (also simply called “line” or “main line”)


Here’s a wonderful little diagram of a Tenkara rod via Lance Milks Fly Fishing. You can see where the Tenkara rod and tip-set connect to the main line/line/aerial line, and then the tippet.

Many lines provided by Tenkara manufacturers in the West include a metal ring to tie your tippet to, which makes things very easy.

If your curious how to attach your line to the tip-set, this is a really nice little video.

There’s plenty of debate in the Tenkara community about the use of metal rings, tip-set knots, and more, but that can wait for later.