Is tenkara for kids? Yes, but, perhaps more importantly, it’s also for their parents.

A few months ago, we had our first child (hooray!) and here’s why I love tenkara now more than ever.

As the snow melted and winter turned into spring, the fly fishing bug hit me (pun intended) as it always does. However, this time around, if I wanted to get near water as much as I would like, it meant bringing the little one along, which is only fair, of course. And who doesn’t want to introduce their kid to trout hunting as early as possible?

Well, have you ever tried fly fishing with using a western style rod and reel with an infant strapped to your chest? NOT. WORTH. IT.

Enter tenkara.

The ease and simplicity of tenkara fly fishing meant I could hit the water as much as I wanted, land some decent sized trout (sometimes using just one hand), and give my spouse a break.

So, yes. Of course Tenkara is for kids … But it’s also for any parent who needs to go out and set as many hooks as possible!