The simplicity and beauty of tenkara fishing has quickly gained it many followers, from beginner fly fishermen and veterans alike. There is, however, one major challenge that faces a tenkara angler: the wind. Even a slight breeze over the river can be enough to drive even the most experienced fisherman crazy.

The Parachute Maneuver

Conventional fly rods rely on weighted lines, allowing them to gain further casts. Tenkara lines do not have this luxury and casting in even slight winds can seem impossible. But with a little practice and technique, this problem can be solved. A thoughtful approach must be used, and an angler must use the wind to aid in their cast, not hinder it. You can do this by letting the fly line unroll high up behind you, using the power of the wind to parachute your cast. Using this method can avoid having the line coming back at you and put your cast exactly where you want it.

Using the Right Equipment

Selecting the right equipment can also significantly help in bad casting conditions. You will not receive any favors if you attempt to cast in windy conditions with the shortest rod possible. Try using you longest rod, as this will help and also lengthen your reach. Your rod should also be moderately stiff, as this will help propel the line into the wind, resulting in longer casts. It should be noted that a stiffer rod will come at the expense of some casting accuracy.

Even though fishing on windy days can be extremely difficult with any form of fishing, it can be especially challenging with tenkara fishing. But by using a few techniques such as these, you will significantly increase your chances of hooking into fish on windy days and will be better prepared for any rough weather you may encounter!

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